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From experience, we know how complex and expensive it is to grow in the metrology market. Consequently, we have designed a service package which will help our associates meet and exceed their financial and professional objectives. These services can expand an existing calibration business or incorporate a new one with little or no initial investment, and without a long and expensive accreditation process.

We make available to our community the same capabilities, accreditations, experience, and technical rigor that have historically characterized us, as well as access to software for the effective management of all processes involved in this business.

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Why Phoenix Calibration?

You will have the ability to provide hundreds of services, supported by our accreditation under the ISO / IEC standard: 17025 by A2LA, one of the most rigorous and prestigious firms in the U.S.

You will have access to the software and technology that will simplify the processes of your organization. The main administrative tasks of your business can be performed with greater quality and efficiency, including quotes, planning, calibration, certificates, and billing.

You will have a training program for your technical staff in all the procedures offered in the services or parameters you select. In addition, you will receive virtual assistance using AR (augmented reality) technology..

You will have all the tools and patterns you may need to perform your services with the quality and precision required, including the best financing, purchase, rental, and calibration options for your equipment.

You will receive the support of a robust quality system, incorporating the best documentation practices in metrology. You will not need to invest excessive effort in the preparation of all the documentation required to maintain an accreditation.


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